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Man and kid riding lawnmower on Houston HOV

Nothing says “Welcome to Houston” for the big Super Bowl game like a man and a kid rolling down the I-45 HOV lane on a red lawn mower. Aparently during all the Super Bowl hype the duo took to the street for reasons unknown. Pretty funny, glad knowbody got hurt. Just leaves me scratching my head. Where were they headed?


Krypto Night Gigging Light
Krypto Night Gigging Light

Looking for a great flounder gigging light in the Houston/Galveston area. KRYPTONIGHT GIGGING LIGHT. The best little gigging light in Texas.

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Waterproof LED Light works on 12v 24v DC
48W 16 LED’s
Brightness 3850 lumens
Life Span : 50,000 hrs
Cool White Light 6000K Size 4.3 x 4.3 inch
Waterproof on/off switch
Adjustable light angle
All connections soldered with heat shrink Ability to bypass switch
Very light weight and well balanced

Camo paint $150+ frt. Black or gray pole $125+frt. White unpainted $100+frt. Local PU available in Houston/Galveston area.
*Custom graphics, personalization or lettering on pole available at additional charge.

(12v Power supply not included)

Flounder gigging light
Flounder gigging light
Flounder gig light
Flounder gig light

Assembled in Texas!

Here is the light in action.


Regardless of some peoples opinion on the matter, public open carry of a long gun is perfectally legal in Texas. As long as you don’t point your rifle at anyone. Because it’s legal, one is under no obligation to identify themselves while open carrying because they’re breaking no laws. See Brown vs. Texas

Kiltman handled this contact well. He didn’t get mouthy, remained calm and invoked his rights. In doing so he gathered evidence of illegal detention, battery and tampering with evidence when the female officer turned the camera. IMO, if Kiltman really wants to hold someone accountable he has the evidence to file a USC Title 42 Sec. 1983 “Deprivation of rights under color of law” lawsuit in Federal court.

Enough typing. Here is the video.


Add this to the long list of dumb criminals.  These two idiots are about to be in a world of legal pain and rightfully so. What part of thou shall not steal, do they not understand!

These two “Now we know brothers”  must have missed the movie about how everything goes to the cloud.  I’m glad they did. Apparently Randy Schaefer thought some thugs had pulled one over on him. That is until he checked his cloud. Upon checking he found selfies of the 2 idiots that burglarized his truck stealing a laptop, iPad and 5g’s in cash.  On another note… who keeps 5g’s in their truck. Any who,  he found 17 selfies in total from the perps.  The perps took the selfies at a Burger King on Montrose. Some of Schaefer’s items were found behind a Montrose area  Starbucks where police presume his iPad connected to the cloud. ROFL, I hope they nail these idiots. I’m sure they will.

To add to the idiocy … The one of the perps uploaded a video to his own facebook. Stating their names and how they “got money” in “1  nights hustle.” Searching for vid. Will post once found.



Edit. Found the vid. Posted under Gurgling Kitten on youtube. Video of “Dorian” and his brother AKA “Money Team” LOL. Apparently Dorian posted this video to his facebook.  Here we go. Burger King Ballin. Enjoy some quality entertainment.

Update: 1/21/15

Dorian identified as 20-year-old Dorian Markee Walker-Gaines who has prior arrests in 2013 for marijuana possession and a 2014 arrest for trespass. His 2014 arrest was for unlawfully entering a Houston woman’s car.

Aparently Dorian has the word “Brilliant” tattooed across his chest. Maybe he can add the words “Not So” above his current tattoo while sitting in the pokey.

Mr. Dorian uploaded all the evidence needed to incriminate himself to his Facebook account. Which at the advice of his friends has sense been deleted due to the link the media made between him and the theft. More updates as they come along.

Update: The two fools have been captured. Everyone can rest easy now. Nothing to see here. Go back to sleep.



Kinda puzzled by this one. Apparently Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins got his panties in a wad today over the tweet made by Randy Weber R-District 14 on Monday. While Weber’s tweet might have been a little over the top…(maybe). Eh, we’re all human. It’s called free speech. Ever heard of it? If anything Weber is guilty of not using spell check.

I don’t see where discussion over a Congressman’s tweets fits into Houston City Council discussion. I thought the councils primary job is corporate “City of Houston” business? Especially considering Texas D-14 does not reside in the City of Houston nor the Harris County limits?

What the hell is wrong with Dwight Boykins? Does he not realize he is just a city councilman? Does he think he’s a Senator or Congressman? Does he think he is Governor? Maybe he is Jealous because at this moment Weber has 4,294 twitter followers and Boykin only has a measly 465. Get a grip Boykin and do your job. Other than the folks who elected you…. No one cares what you think or say. Better yet. Boykin, what the hell are you going to do about it? Other than cry like a little baby?

Here’s what I think is going on. This Dwight Boykin dude plans to run for Mayor. Lets hope this doesn’t happen.

Any who, here is Randy’s tweet: “Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for right reasons,” the tweet read.

Here is the channel 2 pc. on the non issue. I could think of 50 different real news topics to discuss other than this one.

In order to clarify…. Here are the boundaries for Texas District 14.

To wrap it all up here is another locals take on the topic.