10 Reasons Why You Do Not Want to Bug Out

Pat Henry
The Prepper Journal
January 11th, 2015

The plan seems simple doesn’t it? All you need for the best chance of survival for your family is a well-stocked bug out bag, a keen attention to your surroundings and careful monitoring of what is happening in the news. With these two bases covered you will be a very informed prepper and will be able to get the jump on all of the clueless sheeple if something bad happens. You will load your family up with your bags and hike off into the sunset way ahead of the approaching death and destruction. You have a plan to bug out.

It sounds perfect, but in this article I am going to try and convince you how that might not be the best and first option you should consider. There are many reasons and situations I can think of why you do not want to bug out from your home. You may be asking yourself, how can I even say those words on a prepper blog such as this without getting struck by lightning? It’s true that hunkering down is not the option that gets the most press, but in my opinion during most (but not all) scenarios, it is the better choice. That is unless you are a combat trained Navy Seal. If you are like me, just an average guy with a family and a giant subterranean monster unleashed by nuclear experiments is not headed your way, you might want to stay put. Here are a few reasons why:

You live where your stuff is.

I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of these reasons are going to seem incredibly simple and obvious, but I think sometimes that is the best way to approach a problem. As a prepper you have probablystarted collecting some supplies to help you get through short and long term emergencies. Some of you have stored a TON of supplies because you have been doing this for a long time or else you are independently wealthy and you just blew up the Black Friday sales.

Even if you only have a week’s worth of food and water, that is nothing to sneeze at. Everything you have is stored probably in nicely organized bins for easy retrieval. You don’t have to carry it and the supplies aren’t subject to the elements. Leaving your home will make you potentially have to leave most, or all of your survival supplies at home. You could put them all in your best bug out vehicle, the diesel Ford F-250 with the trailer, right? Sure you could, but are you sure that truck will always be in your possession? It’s just better to stay at your home base because there are tons of advantages like…

Even your kitchen floor is more comfortable than sleeping in the woods

Yes, I know that some people sleep perfectly well in the woods and I can too, once I am exhausted from hiking all day. Honestly, you would have to agree that your old lumpy Serta Posturpedic mattress would be preferable to sleeping in the woods or an abandoned building or even a hammock. Why is that important?

Getting plenty of good sleep has a huge impact on our health. It not only affects your moods, but alertness and even immune system. In a disaster you will be stressed in ways you haven’t even considered. You may be working like a dog and having a comfortable and relatively safe place to rest your head, even if that is the living room floor will be an advantage that the people who think they can just bug out into the woods won’t have.

Built in Community whether you know it or not

In times of crisis, you can almost guarantee that communities will band together in some ways. You probably don’t consider your small neighborhood or dead end street a community but let some disaster happen and you will see humans come together for support, safety and to help each-other out. Being around even just a few neighbors who know you can give you advantages if you need assistance for things like a neighborhood security plan.

Even neighbors you don’t get along with will probably overcome grudges if the disaster is severe enough. Of course there is the potential that your neighbors could turn on you for being the lone prepper but I think in most cases, things won’t go Mad Max for a little while. If it does you will have to adjust, but I believe that most people would benefit by banding with their neighbors for support. You could have an opportunity for leadership here or compassion by helping out others who haven’t prepared. It is much better to strive for this kind of relationship with people than head out the door and face the world with only what is on your back.

Being Cold Sucks and it can kill you

I bet that most of you like to keep the thermostat somewhere in the upper 60’s to low 70’s during the winter. There might be some play in that range, but there are no thermostats outside. Whatever the temperature is outdoors is what you are going to be living with. Can you start a fire or wear warm layers to regulate your body temperature? Of course, but the last place I want to be on a cold winter night is huddled up in my sleeping bag under a tarp even if I did have a nice roasting fire beside me.

There are some situations where you wouldn’t be able to start a fire. Maybe if it was raining and you couldn’t find any dry wood or tinder, or there were people that didn’t look so friendly following you. Staying in your home, even without power can give you advantages of shelter that you won’t easily find outdoors. You can seal off rooms and even your body heat will generate a little warmth. You can black out your curtains with heavy gauge plastic sheeting and even the heat from a lantern or a couple of candles can put out an amazing amount of heat.

You may put yourself in a worse situation

The problem with most bug out plans are that you don’t have a destination. Where are you bugging out to? Do you think the National Forest is going to be reserved solely for you and your family? Do you think you will just set up a tent and start hunting for small game? In a large regional disaster, there could be millions of people leaving the cities. The concept is called the Golden Horde and they will be competing with you for natural resources. With even a few dozen hunters in the same area game will be depleted in days if not sooner. Then you will be stuck near a bunch of other hungry people who blame you for catching the last squirrel.

Being on the road makes you an easier target

One of the advantages of staying put at home is the home field or defenders advantage. When you go out, you do not know what you are walking or driving into. The best you can do is recon very deliberately which will only slow you down more. By staying put in your home, you can set up a neighborhood watch with your fellow neighbors and monitor who is coming in. This gives you the opportunity to set up defensive positions and plans that anyone walking in with thoughts of taking advantage of you, won’t be aware of.

If nobody knows you, you are a stranger


Have you ever been walking your dog and seen someone strange walking through your neighborhood? This was someone you didn’t know so obviously they fell under suspicion. Had they been one of your neighbors kids you would have recognized them, but this new person stuck out. That is what you will be faced with if you leave your home and go wandering through other towns and cities. In your home neighborhood you will be dealing with known people that you can grow a deeper relationship with. There is a built-in level of trust because they have lived near you for years. If you start walking into a strange town with your bug out bags and AR-15 slung over yourbulletproof vest, you may not like the attention you receive.

Gear is heavy and a lot of gear is heavier.

Speaking of walking around in your bulletproof vest and gear, how many of you have walked for 3 days with your bug out bag? OK, now add a full complement of bullets and anything else you think you might need to defend yourself. It adds up quickly even when you try to reduce the weight of your bug out bag as much as possible. These weren’t meant to live for a long time out of. Your food will run out, possibly your ammo and that will help you with the weight, but in a disaster where you are walking out the door in full combat gear, do you think Walmart will be open when you run out of something?

In a grid down you won’t get to call AAA

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that have a place to go up in the mountains. If you don’t get out before everyone else starts leaving, you could be stuck on the road. What if your old bug out vehicle breaks down? All those supplies you stored in the back of that trailer are either going to feed a lot of other people on the highway or you will most likely die defending them. If you aren’t already living at your retreat before the disaster happens, you will have to be incredibly fast to avoid getting stranded. Let’s say you are ready to go, do you know when you would actually leave? Do you know when the S has actually HTF and it’s time to leave or will you debate leaving with your wife and mother for two days because they think it will all blow over soon?

If you get hurt you want to be near a secure shelter not under a tarp

I have a decent first aid supply kit. I don’t have IV’s and a ton of medicine but I can take care of garden variety injuries pretty well. Imagine you somehow break your leg after the grid is down. Would you rather drag yourself into the house, or be stuck in the woods for weeks unable to move? Most hospitals don’t stick their patients out in the back yard for a reason so you will convalesce better with a good roof over your head that is hopefully providing some climate protections. If nothing else, it will be a relatively clean and safe place to get better that beats lying under a log.

So what does staying home mean?

I will write a post about reasons why you may have to bug out later, but staying home doesn’t guarantee you will be safe and secure either. I think each situation has to be taken into consideration as to what is the better option for you and your family. Naturally if there is a fire heading your way staying at home is stupid. It is something to think about that and that may help you begin to form different plans for different scenarios. What are your plans?



Alright folks. TPWD will soon be stocking some local ponds with rainbow trout in my AO. The ponds I tend to fish most are Tom Bass III in Pearland and Burke Crenshaw park in Pasadena.  I’ve attached the TPWD stocking schedule and provided a quick video that shows you the rig I use to take my 5. If you haven’t fished for these little rainbows it can be pretty fun and challenging. It’s also an excellent excursion for the kids. Good luck and tight lines everyone. See y’all on the water!


Stocking Location City Total Dates Hatchery
Ablon Park Pond [Directions] Garland 1,200 Jan 8 2015, Feb 19 2015 TFFC
American Legion Park Pond [Directions] Missouri City 750 Jan 28 2015 ETFH
Amsler Park McGregor 1,000 Dec 18 2014, Feb 4 2015 AEW
Arena Park Pond Marshall 2,000 Dec 18 2014, Feb 12 2015 TFFC
Ascarate [Directions] El Paso 6,000 Dec 10 2014, Feb 4 2015, Mar 15 2015 AEW
Bailey Lake Burleson 1,300 Dec 2 2014 AEW
Bandera City Park Lake [Directions] Bandera 978 Dec 21 2014 AEW
Bane Park Lake [Directions] Houston 2,200 Jan 16 2015 ETFH
Barg Park [Directions] Fort Worth 1,450 Dec 3 2014 TFFC
Bates Allen Park 2 [Directions] Rosenberg 1,100 Jan 6 2015 ETFH
Beal Park Lake Midland 1,500 Dec 9 2014, Jan 13 2015, Feb 12 2015 PK
Bear Creek Park [Directions] Keller 1,300 Jan 15 2015, Feb 20 2015 PK
Bethany Park Pond C [Directions] Allen 1,700 Dec 19 2014 TFFC
Blanco State Park #4 [Directions] Blanco 4,000 Dec 11 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 15 2015, Feb 5 2015 AEW
Blue Hole Park Lake [Directions] Georgetown 1,250 Jan 8 2015 AEW
Blue Ridge Park Pond [Directions] Missouri City 750 Jan 7 2015 ETFH
Bob Sandlin State Park [Directions] Mount Pleasant 2,750 Dec 18 2014, Feb 2 2015, Feb 27 2015 TFFC
Breshears Lake Levelland 900 Dec 2 2014 PK
Buena Vista Park Lake * [Directions] Waco 1,896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 1 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 AEW
Buescher State Park [Directions] Smithville 2,000 Dec 17 2014, Jan 8 2015 AEW
Bullfrog Pond * [Directions] Austin 896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 AEW
Burke-Crenshaw Lake [Directions] Pasadena 1,000 Jan 15 2015 ETFH
Burroughs Park [Directions] Conroe 2,600 Jan 16 2015 ETFH
C. J. Kelly Park Pond Midland 1,500 Dec 9 2014, Jan 13 2015, Feb 12 2015 PK
Cal Young Park Lake Abilene 876 Dec 18 2014, Jan 28 2015 PK
Camp Mabry [Directions] Austin 1,400 Dec 1 2014, Jan 11 2015 AEW
Canyon Southeast Park Lake [Directions] Canyon 1,500 Dec 4 2014 PK
Canyon Tailrace [Directions] New Braunfels 17,750 Dec 7 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 19 2014, Dec 26 2014, Jan 2 2015, Jan 9 2015, Jan 16 2015, Jan 23 2015, Jan 30 2015 AEW
Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond [Directions] Conroe 2,400 Jan 7 2015 ETFH
Caudle [Directions] Hale Center 1,200 Dec 7 2014 PK
Cedar Hill State Park Perch Pond [Directions] Cedar Hill 1,200 Jan 6 2015 TFFC
Centennial Park Lake [Directions] Friendswood 750 Feb 4 2015 ETFH
Central Park Pond #1 * [Directions] College Station 1,792 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 AEW
Claiborne West Park [Directions] Beaumont 1,000 Jan 12 2015, Feb 9 2015 ETFH
Cleburne-Hulen Park [Directions] Cleburne 1,500 Dec 10 2014, Feb 11 2015 AEW
Comanche Trails Park Odessa 6,000 Dec 16 2014, Jan 15 2015, Feb 8 2015 PK
Comanche Trails [Directions] Big Spring 4,000 Dec 10 2014, Jan 15 2015 PK
Copperas Cove City [Directions] Copperas Cove 1,000 Feb 22 2015 AEW
Crane County Pond Crane 750 Dec 11 2014, Feb 15 2015 PK
Doornbos Park Nederland 500 Feb 22 2015 ETFH
Dow Park Pool Deer Park 600 Contact city for Special Event dates and times ETFH
Eisenhower Park Pond [Directions] Houston 3,300 Jan 8 2015 ETFH
Elder Lake [Directions] Kilgore 3,000 Dec 19 2014 TFFC
Eldridge Park Pond [Directions] Sugar Land 750 Jan 28 2015 ETFH
Emory City Park Emory 250 Feb 5 2015 ETFH
Faulkner Park Lake [Directions] Tyler 2,100 Dec 10 2014 TFFC
First Capitol Park Pond [Directions] West Columbia 800 Dec 8 2014 ETFH
Flatrock Lake Kerrville 2,400 Dec 18 2014, Jan 9 2015 AEW
Fort Richardson State Park [Directions] Jacksboro 1,855 Dec 7 2014, Dec 20 2014, Jan 17 2015, Feb 14 2015 PK
Frisco Commons Pond [Directions] Frisco 3,000 Feb 8 2015 TFFC
Frontier Park Pond [Directions] Prosper 2,525 Mar 8 2015 TFFC
Fryer Lake – Wolf Creek Park [Directions] Perryton 2,600 Dec 9 2014, Jan 13 2015 PK
Garner State Park (Frio River) [Directions] Leakey 3,000 Dec 12 2014, Jan 30 2015, Feb 13 2015 AEW
Glen Rose Town Lake [Directions] Glen Rose 2,000 Dec 2 2014, Jan 8 2015 PK
Greenbriar Park * [Directions] Fort Worth 1,896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 TFFC
Grover-Nelson Small Pond * [Directions] Abilene 896 Nov 25 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 PK
Guadalupe River (see Canyon Tailrace)
Harlingen Sports Complex [Directions] Harlingen 1,000 Jan 28 2015 AEW
Hearn Eastside Park Pond Hearne 1,000 Dec 16 2014 ETFH
Heritage Park Lake Mount Pleasant 1,000 Dec 18 2014 TFFC
Herman Brown Park Pond Houston 750 Jan 28 2015 ETFH
Holland Lake Park Weatherford 603 Jan 12 2015, Feb 9 2015 TFFC
Hubbard City #2 Hubbard 500 Dec 17 2014 TFFC
Hurst Chisholm Park * [Directions] Hurst 1,896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 23 2015, Feb 20 2015 TFFC
Jasper City Park Pond [Directions] Jasper 1,800 Jan 18 2015 ETFH
Javalina Draw [Directions] San Angelo 800 Dec 15 2014, Jan 25 2015 PK
Johnson Branch 2 [Directions] Sanger 1,070 Dec 14 2014 TFFC
Keneteso Pond [Directions] Gainesville 2,600 Jan 11 2015 TFFC
Kennedale City Park Kennedale 1,700 Jan 14 2015 TFFC
Kidd Springs Park [Directions] Dallas 3,000 Jan 6 2015, Feb 8 2015 TFFC
Kitty Hollow Lake [Directions] Missouri City 1,100 Jan 6 2015 ETFH
L.B.J. State Park Fredericksburg 533 Jan 2 2015 AEW
LNVA Barrier Pond [Directions] Beaumont 3,845 Dec 16 2014, Jan 14 2015 ETFH
Lake Corpus Christi [Directions] Mathis 1,700 Feb 1 2015 AEW
Lakeside Park * [Directions] Duncanville 1,896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 TFFC
Lakeside Park Pond Nacogdoches 769 Jan 25 2015 ETFH
Lamesa 9th Street Park Lake [Directions] Lamesa 4,000 Dec 3 2014, Feb 4 2015 PK
Legacy Park Pond El Campo 1,400 Jan 17 2015 ETFH
Lewisville Tailrace (Elm Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Lewisville 4,000 Dec 12 2014, Jan 16 2015 TFFC
Live Oak City [Directions] San Antonio 750 Dec 19 2014, Feb 13 2015, Jan 9 2015 AEW
Llano River (Castell downstream) [Directions] Llano 2,400 Dec 17 2014 AEW
Llano River (Grenwelge Park) Llano 800 Jan 14 2015 AEW
Lobo Lake Levelland 900 Dec 2 2014 PK
Lost Maples State Park – Lower [Directions] Vanderpool 400 Jan 16 2015 AEW
Magnolia Ridge Pond Woodville 1,800 Jan 5 2015 ETFH
Mary Jo Peckham Park * [Directions] Houston 3,160 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 ETFH
Medical Center South * [Directions] Amarillo 4,424 Nov 25 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 PK
Meridian State Park [Directions] Meridian 2,000 Jan 14 2015 AEW
Mesquite City Lake * [Directions] Mesquite 3,160 Nov 26 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 23 2015, Feb 20 2015 TFFC
Meyer Park Pond Harris 2,200 Jan 16 2015 ETFH
Mike Lewis Park [Directions] Grand Prairie 3,000 Feb 4 2015, Mar 1 2015 PK
Miller’s Pond * [Directions] San Antonio 3,792 Nov 26 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 23 2015, Feb 20 2015 AEW
Missouri City C.P.L. * [Directions] Missouri City 1,896 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 ETFH
Monahans Perch Pond [Directions] Monahans 1,500 Dec 11 2014, Feb 3 2015 PK
Mueller Lake Park [Directions] Austin 2,000 Feb 8 2015 AEW
Murphy City Hall Pond [Directions] Murphy 2,600 Feb 20 2015 TFFC
Nelson Park Abilene 1,100 Jan 14 2015 PK
Nolan Creek [Directions] Belton 1,800 Dec 21 2014, Jan 21 2015 AEW
Nora Pond Waco 500 Dec 21 2014 AEW
Northwest Park Pond [Directions] Irving 1,200 Jan 8 2015, Jan 29 2015 TFFC
Oakes Street * [Directions] San Angelo 2,656 Nov 25 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 23 2015, Feb 20 2015 PK
Palmetto State Park [Directions] Luling 500 Jan 18 2015 AEW
Pampa City [Directions] Pampa City 2,000 Dec 4 2014, Feb 19 2015 PK
Pear Trees Pond [Directions] Wills Point 500 Feb 22 2015 TFFC
Pena Colorado Marathon 300 Dec 17 2014 PK
Penick Park Pond White Oak 1,000 Dec 19 2014, Jan 30 2015 TFFC
Pittsburg City Lake [Directions] Pittsburg 2,000 Dec 17 2014, Feb 23 2015 TFFC
Plum Lake [Directions] Wichita Falls 1,620 Dec 17 2014, Jan 21 2015, Mar 7 2015 PK
Possum Kingdom Tailrace [Directions] Graford 9,000 Dec 4 2014, Dec 18 2014, Jan 2 2015, Jan 22 2015, Feb 12 2015, Feb 26 2015 PK
Randol Mill Duck Pond Arlington 1,300 Jan 7 2015 TFFC
Resoft Park Lake [Directions] Alvin 750 Dec 16 2014 AEW
Richards Park – Upper [Directions] Brady 3,084 Dec 17 2014 (relocated to Brady Creek Pier), Jan 14 2015, Feb 11 2015 PK
Rita Blanca Kids Fishing Pond [Directions] Dalhart 3,077 Dec 16 2014, Feb 10 2015 PK
River Park (Clear Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Fort Worth 2,706 Jan 7 2015 PK
Rose Park [Directions] Mansfield 192 Dec 2 2014 PK
San Gabriel Park [Directions] Georgetown 1,250 Dec 6 2014 AEW
Seabourne Creek Park Rosenberg 1,000 Feb 22 2015 ETFH
Sheldon State Park Children’s #1 Houston 1,028 Jan 6 2015 ETFH
Shirley McDonald Park Pond Williamson 300 Jan 20 2015 AEW
South Lakes Park Pond * [Directions] Denton 2,402 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 TFFC
South Llano River State Park [Directions] Junction 2,200 Dec 5 2014, Jan 16 2015 AEW
South Weeks * [Directions] Wichita Falls 896 Nov 25 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 PK
Southside Lions Park (Hi-Lions) * [Directions] San Antonio 4,740 Nov 26 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 23 2015, Feb 20 2015 AEW
Spring Lake Park [Directions] Texarkana 2,600 Dec 17 2014, Jan 22 2015 TFFC
Springfield [Directions] Mexia 1,000 Jan 26 2015 AEW
Sulphur Springs City Park [Directions] Sulphur Springs 1,000 Feb 8 2015 TFFC
TFFC Casting Pond [Directions] Athens 5,000 Nov 28 2014 TFFC
Teague Park [Directions] Longview 2,500 Feb 9 2015 TFFC
Theo (Caprock Canyon) [Directions] Amarillo 1,916 Dec 16 2014, Feb 3 2015 PK
Tom Bass I [Directions] Houston 750 Dec 16 2014, Feb 3 2015 ETFH
Tom Bass III [Directions] Houston 4,750 Jan 7 2015 ETFH
Towne Lake [Directions] McKinney 6,000 Mar 1 2015 TFFC
Trinity Park (Clear Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Fort Worth 2,700 Jan 7 2015 PK
Two – Acre Lake [Directions] Canton 2,852 Feb 15 2015 TFFC
Tyler Nature Center [Directions] Tyler 2,000 Call for Special Event dates and times (1-903-566-1615) TFFC
Tyler State Park [Directions] Tyler 4,030 Dec 3 2014, Feb 4 2015 TFFC
Utopia Park Lake [Directions] Utopia 750 Feb 16 2015 AEW
WM Brook Park Lampasas 600 Dec 7 2014 AEW
Waldron Park Corpus Christi 1,000 Jan 6 2015 AEW
Waterloo Park Pond [Directions] Denison 6,415 Dec 12 2014, Jan 4 2015, Feb 1 2015, Feb 22 2015 TFFC
Winchester Lake Chandler 2,000 Dec 2 2014 AEW
Woldert Park Pond * [Directions] Tyler 1,344 Nov 26 2014, Dec 12 2014, Dec 23 2014, Jan 9 2015, Jan 23 2015, Feb 6 2015, Feb 20 2015, Mar 6 2015 TFFC
Wyatt Pond [Directions] Mineola 1,000 Feb 15 2015 TFFC
Total to be Stocked 289,662



Here is a interesting product I happened to stumble upon online. The Grip Knife. Not only is it tacticool. It also gives it’s users a tactical advantage should a perp. or enemy gain control of your long gun. From what I can tell the Grip Knife has been in development for several years. It looks like the GK will be rolling out for purchase in 2015. I hope I can get my hands on one. Check it out.


Clear Lake Texas Sushi

There are a couple great sushi restaurants in Clear Lake Texas. Including Little Tokyo and Masa sushi.  MichiRu Sushi off I-45 in Webster definitely falls into the catagory of great sushi in the Clear Lake area. My bride and I visited MichiRu sushi for date night. I’m glad we did. The sushi was top notch and the Sapporo and saki paired well.  If your downtown within the loop your also in luck. There is a location in Greenway Plaza. http://www.michirusushi.com/