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Buddy of mine told me it was now illegal to wade fish at San Luis Pass. Turns out it’s a half truth. The Brazoria County Comissioners Court has filed an order with multiple County and state agencies to create a penality for wade fishing, swimming and bathing in the designated areas of the Brazoria side on the attached map. So far it’s still America on the Galveston side.

I’ve fished the designated area before. I know at times the current in that area is extremely swift. IMO it’s not a good idea to wade out very far from that shoreline. I’ll never forget the trip when my buddy acted like he was getting swept away in the current. Anyways, here’s the notification.

Illegal to wade fish

Brazoria County notification


The summer time lay down has begun. Fishing has turned on in the past week. Limits of speckled trout are easily being taken while wading the calm morning and afternoon waters on the beach front. Smacks are moving in so be prepared to lose some tackle. If you plan on targeting smacks try using long shank J hooks to prevent there teeth from severing your line.

Conditions: Light west wind switching to south in the afternoon. Falling barometric pressure. 4 fairly weak tides.

We started drifting a mid bay reef Wednesday morning just before sunrise. The reef produced quite a few small sand trout on live shrimp. We moved out to the North Jetty boat cut and picked up a nice mess of trout. Live shrimp under a popping cork did the trick. We then moved to the beach side of the South Jetty and it was on. Free line shrimp was the ticket. We boated over 30 slot reds, a couple were under. We kept 14 nice trout the largest in the 23″-26″ range. Smacks, Sheep head, drum and Sharks were all in the mix. Phenomenal day on the water and a nice meat haul.


Tight and tan lines,



Putting the word out on a great fishing guide service out of Hackberry, Louisiana. I was a Hackberry virgin until last week.

Took a guided trip with Anthony Busceme of Busceme Black Dog guide services. Excellent trip over all. Anthony provided the boat, gear, bait and expertise to put us on a mess of speckled trout. We picked up a 3 man LA. limit, 45 specs.

Anthony’s other associates put their clients on piles of fish themselves. The cleaning tables were loaded with specks, redfish and flounder when we returned. FYI, Anthony also offers guided water fowl hunting as well. If your visiting Lake Charles and want to catch some serious fish, book a trip with Anthony. You won’t be disappointed .

Click the link below to book your trip.
Busceme Black Dog Guide Service

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Fisherman and beach goers have spotted an alligator lurking around the popular Sylvan Beach Park.  Animal Control is currently searching for the beast.

In light of all the recent rain we have had there have been a number of alligator sightings all around the Galveston Bay complex. Be careful out there y’all, don’t become gator bait.

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Solid silver .925 flounder jewlery
Solid silver .925 flounder jewlery

Check out the detail on the large .925 solid silver blue crab and Polynesian hook pendants.  Along with a chain, these would make great gifts for Father’s Day.

Sterling silver blue crab pendant
Sterling silver blue crab pendant
.925 Silver Polynesian hook pendant
.925 Silver Polynesian hook pendant

Let’s not forget Mother’s Day.

.925 Silver flip flop bracelet
.925 Silver flip flop bracelet
Silver And blue opal sea turtle earings
Silver And blue opal sea turtle earings

Gone Coastal Jewelry also offers unique trout, redfish, marlin, mahi, snook and shark pendants as well. You can also find other items such as nautical and Mardi Gras themed jewelry. Some items are offered in both silver and gold. Check out the online shop if your looking for something cool. Follow the @gonecoastaljewelry twitter and instagram pages if you get a chance.

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If you’ve fished the waters of Galveston Bay Texas for some time, your most likely aware of the fish contamination warnings and controversy associated with Dioxins and PCB’s.

For years anglers have been told to limit intake of speckled trout, catfish, crabs and various other species in areas of the Bay system. The contamination has often been blamed on chemical dumping in the Houston Ship Channel in the 50’s & 60’s. Then subsiquent channel dredging and the reintroduction of contaminants into the water column that had once settled on the bottom.

While some of that seems logical. We’ve recently  found a bombshell of information concerning The San Jacinto River Waste Pits. A now Superfund dump site partially submerged on the banks of the San Jacinto River.  Containment has failed. It has been and is leaking.

“We have a clear and present danger of Dioxin going into the San Jacinto River and Galveston Bay,” said Terrence O’Rourke of the Harris County Attorney’s Office. “The rocks are falling off, it’s just that simple. They are rocks on top of a tarp and the rocks are gone.”

In December 2015 inspectors found a gap more than 20-feet wide. Last week, EPA inspectors packnowledged at least five additional locations at the site where protective containment was missing.

Jackie Young of the San Jacinto River Coalition says more than 80 percent of the dump still hasn’t been inspected for holes or damage.

Who the hell thought it was a great idea to store Dioxin, a non degrading and one of the most toxic substances known to man, on the banks of a river?

Here’s who. Two Fortune 500 companies of course. International Paper and Waste Management. Both have declined to tell the media their sides of the story.

Aparently these two companies have hired there own researchers and are trying persuade the EPA to leave this shit right there on the banks of the SJR.

Here is a video released by Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan concerning the hazardous nature and future of the SJR Waste Pits.

Here is a full presentation and press conference concerning the pits. More  info. As it comes.


Krypto Night Gigging Light
Krypto Night Gigging Light

Looking for a great flounder gigging light in the Houston/Galveston area. KRYPTONIGHT GIGGING LIGHT. The best little gigging light in Texas.

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Waterproof LED Light works on 12v 24v DC
48W 16 LED’s
Brightness 3850 lumens
Life Span : 50,000 hrs
Cool White Light 6000K Size 4.3 x 4.3 inch
Waterproof on/off switch
Adjustable light angle
All connections soldered with heat shrink Ability to bypass switch
Very light weight and well balanced

Camo paint $150+ frt. Black or gray pole $125+frt. White unpainted $100+frt. Local PU available in Houston/Galveston area.
*Custom graphics, personalization or lettering on pole available at additional charge.

(12v Power supply not included)

Flounder gigging light
Flounder gigging light
Flounder gig light
Flounder gig light

Assembled in Texas!

Here is the light in action.


Coming Soon 2016.  The Kryptonight gigging light V2  shown on the left. Waterproof 16 3w Cree LEDs 48w total. Low 12v DC power consumption. Accessible replaceable bypassable power switch.  Customizable adjustable  light  tilt angle.  Waterproof  ON/OFF switch. Balanced design. All connections soldered and heat shrink protection.

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V1 shown at right.





A whale has been found stranded along FM 3005 in Galveston Texas near Terramar Beach on the west end. The Animal is estimated to be between 20-40 ft. Long.

The Texas Marine Mamal Stranding Network has verified the location and is assessing the animals current situation.

Updates as as they develope.

Update: Marine biologists stated it’s highly unlikely the whale could be returned to the sea. Aparently the whale has now died.