Calling all residents of Harris County Texas.

Finally a candidate for Harris County Texas Sheriff who believes in honoring, obeying and restoring the Constitution. He’s a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. The Sheriff is the highest elected official within the County. The Sheriff is the guard of the Constitution in your County. Mr. Pittman believes that public officials are not above the law. If elected he will create a public integrity unit. The unit will investigate and seek prosecution when warranted against crooked public officials. Carl has also been outspoken against the NDAA as well as a host of other issues.

With Carl Pittman being endorsed by former Sheriff Richard Mack, Joe Arpaio, Ted Nugent and OCT, IMO it appears he’s a staunch supporter of Constitutional Liberty. If your a Liberty lover and believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, check him out for yourself. Lets send a message to the rest of the State and Country and take back Harris County Texas. Starting with the highest elected official on the Land. MOLON LABE!